Monday, October 26, 2015

Lobsters, Wineries & Foods of New England...continued Part 2

Numerous delicious meals we were fed. Three meals a day plus snacks. That's not including the food and beverage tastings, at the different stops. One person described it as "food coma."


Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Apple mash being placed on cheese cloth to have juice
 pressed as demonstrated by the lasagna style layers.

Brandon Inn

It's a tradition to decorate the various posts around the town with scarecrows during the fall of the year. Here are just a few.

Vermont Country Store

Charles' Chips and Cookies, Evening In Paris Perfume, Garlic Shampoo
and Conditioner

Unsure as to what's in The Little Golden Book. Lifebuoy soap, White Shoulders perfume.

Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour

Ticket to the factory. View of the factory and tanks.
 No photos were allowed inside the factory.
It makes the cows jealous

We actually had a flavor called cotton candy.

 The Ben and Jerry Flavor Graveyard has monuments of flavors that are no longer in existence. It also shows its beginning and ending year.
Mourning the loss of the first B and J flavor I had, Wavy Gravy. There was once a Tuskegee Chunk.
The flavor I had that I haven't seen in stores is Hazed & Confused. It hazelnuts and lots of other good stuff. Delish.


 I'll show you Massachusetts once I learn how to edit a video.

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