Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lobsters, Wineries and Foods of New England

My first experience with Road Scholar tours was beyond what I expected. I had the best time visiting and learning about it all. I was so exhilarated that when I returned I reopened this blog just so I could share it even if it's just with a few people. Our tour guide Robin O'Malley was knowledgeable, professional and congenial.  Jeff Nichols, our driver was just as friendly. They both intermingled with everyone, having dinner, answering questions making the excursion a delight.

Since most people only want to see photos and not a lot of commentary, I'll  do the least amount as possible unless a photo requires further explanation.

Get ready for photo overload.

             Newport Vineyards

Prescott Farms


Riding along toward Portland.

Lovers write their names or initials on locks, fasten them to the fence and throw away
the key, indicating their forever love.


Tomorrow Vermont and Massachusetts

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