Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

One of the few things that can be bought for a dollar at the convenience store are Arizona and Peace Tea.  The mango is tasty and I have yet to try the watermelon flavor. Driving along and sipping my iced tea is a pleasure.
Cheetos seem to be nothing but cheesy air. This is another item that can be bought at the convenience store for the price written on the bag.  Cheetos will try to help the errant snacker with the nutritional content on the back. Eating 21 Cheetos equals 160 calories. I content myself with eating the whole bag.
Someone sold a Cheeto on E-Bay for $35 because they said it looked like Jesus. It was called Cheesus 
I buy Butter Crunch Blue Bell by the pint. If I buy anything larger I will eat it all in record time. Butter Crunch has vanilla ice cream with pieces of toffee candy mixed in. Think of crumbling a Butterfinger into ice cream, stirring it up and wolfing it down.    Butter Crunch Day is January 20th. On that day you are to eat anything that has buttercrunch.  
At Scott's Scoop  an ice cream blog, he has the recipe for homemade Butter Crunch ice cream. Scott even made his own toffee candy a day or two before to mix into his Butter Crunch. He has other ice cream recipes also and they all sound delicious.

When it comes to mindless, meaningless online games, I enjoy Fishdom. If you've ever played Bejeweled it is similar except there are object you'd find in the sea. The items can be matched several ways. A time limit is set for the player to clear the board. After that you are awarded points that can be used to "shop" for fish and other items to place in your online aquarium.
In this frame you can see I've gotten to level 12. For  some reason I enjoy hearing the squishy sound when moving  the tiles about and the ringing sound when a match is made.

After winning my money, I can buy items from Fish, Beauty, or Comfort.  All items are at different prices and it depends on how much money you have as to what you can buy.  You can even trade some things for others if you so desire.

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