Monday, January 16, 2012

Crockpot on Crack

It started out with several loud popping sounds. The sound was similar to the sound of a rock hitting a window and breaking it. Surely, no one was trying to break in especially while I'm home.
What do you do when you've placed Andouille sausage,ground beef, onions, beans and other ingredients inside your trusty crockpot and

There was an even crack all the way around the ceramic pot
 The crack was a clean cut one so I removed the contents and finished cooking my chili. Had I been cooking this to share I might have thrown it out. Since I was the only consumer I was willing to take my chances.

The results were delicious and not one shard of broken pottery in the whole dish.

The ingredients were not frozen and I didn't start the heat out on high.  I guess it was just time for the craock pot to die.  I'm glad I was home when this crock pot decided to crack. I'm unsure as to whether it could have started a fire or not