Monday, September 5, 2011

Just how many festivals can you attend at one time?

Butter Bean Festival

Labor Day is  supposed to signal the end of summer . It's  also supposed to be time out for linen, white shoes and purses. But, while we have a few cool days ahead (think 78 degrees) basically it isn't really over.  There will be more hot days.  I remember one Christmas we were able to go outside and play without coats.
Everybody tries to get in their summer frolicking before the leaves begin to turn. This past weekend I attended the Butter Bean Festival in Pinson.  This was it's 6th year to have the festival and my first to attend it.I've heard of strange foods being served at state fairs and festivals.  About the strangest I saw was fried cheese cake. I didn't try it but if it was fried I'm sure it was good. Southern living requires that a person devour lots of fried food unless cautioned not to by a medical professional.
This lady had her cute puppies inside this  netted stroller as she made her way around the BB Festival

Great acrobatic stunts by guys on bikes

This is a replica of the patrol car from the town of Mayberry. There was even a Barney Fife imposter to take pictures with. Since I didn't want to pay $5.00 for a photo, there isn't one of the Fake Fife

Here is the inside of the patrol car.
For those of you who enjoy antique cars, I'll have about five in my next post

Exotic animals were also part of the line up. In addition to this tortoise there were emu, sheep, goats and camels.  There was a friendly debate the last time I was at the bank as to what the camel's hump is made of. It isn't water. It is fat. A camel can go without water for 50 days. When the camel urinates it is syrupy.  Before you ask, I don't know if people use it as a food source. Although, the dried camel dung is used in cooking fires.

I bought a pair of silver plated earrings made from a portion of a spoon.  The vendor had the pattern, company and year on the tag. This one was made by the William Rogers company. The pattern is Talisman and the year is 1938. She says she goes to estate and yard sales, picks up the pieces and her husband makes the earrings, bracelets, key chains etc. On each one is its history.

This is one of the many weekend markets around the area that sells fresh vegetables, crafts, food and etc.
This lady was kind enough to allow me to take a picture of her hat. By the looks of it she is an avid gardener.

I really gravitate toward recycled articles. These wind chimes are made from cast iron skillets,spatulas, salt shakers, spoons and a little of everything else. (Click the photo to enlarge)
I asked the vendor in the photo below if I could take a picture of her booth.  Lately, I've noticed a lot of crafts people are hesitant to allow photos.  I guess they're afraid their ideas will be stolen.  She consented to my photography but cautioned against closeups.  I complied. But...
Click on the photo and you get a very clear up close and personal picture of her wares. It's called free enterprise in America .  I admire her wares and have no talent when it comes to duplicating them so her pictures are safe with me.

These crinoline slips and lacy tops were also a part of her display.
This was one of the three bands located at the Pepper Place market. Pepper Place derives its name from the huge warehouse type building that was once the Dr. Pepper bottling plant. It and surrounding buildings are now  overpriced  yuppie shops.
Part of the proof is the innumerable pedigreed dogs with their owners and the  immeasurable vendors who have water bowls out for the dogs.  After I counted 5 water bowls, I stopped.  I have nothing against dogs. The owners seemed to have them under control. A sign at the front welcomes the dogs (as if they can read) but asks owners to clean up after them.
See the Dirt Shirt in the middle of the others, it is professed that it is dyed with Alabama red clay dirt.

At Pepper Place I bought a jar of  lemon scented home made body scrub.
That's It ***

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