Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Festival

 Yep! Another festival. I've been attending quite a few because I plan to be a participant at one that is being held in December. Since this will be my first I'm trying to get some ideas as to how to make my presentation inviting.

Last weekend's exhibit spanned several downtown blocks. It was hot but I got out early. If you consider 12 noon early. That was when  things began last Saturday. It didn't take me long to maneuver because I really wasn't in the mood.  I think I was there about an hour. SOme exhibits were housed inside various buildings.
The shot above is from Morris Avenue.  You can't see it here but the street is  cobblestone.  I'm unsure regarding the original history of the street.  During the week few cars have access to this street.  In the 70's Morris Avenue was revitalized into something similar to the old Underground Atlanta. We called it Underground Birmingham.  It was a great place   to party and take out of town friends. As with anything it eventually died out. There are mostly lofts, attorneys offices and of course the Peanut Depot.  They roast peanuts the old fashioned way and the smell is delicious. Getting the hot roasted peanuts can make you hurt yourself eating them.

This  was a project that attendees were invited to participate in. There were three panels . On the left is a clear plastic sheet that volunteers are asked to write "You Are Beautiful" in various ways. This is something that has been going on all over .  On the opaque white shower curtain in the middle the facillitator wanted a landscape.  I don't remember what the theme was for the clear plastic panel on the right. I choose the landscape theme.  If you enlarge the photo you'll see my impression of mountains. As other people come along they add to the drawing.

You can see that I didn't take  lots of pictures as I usually do.

I went back to my car and drank the ice cold water I had waiting for me. That's it above. I reused a quart bottle that formerly held sparkling water. I filled it almost to the top with water, laid it on its side in the freezer and let it freeze. When I'm ready to go someplace I take it out, sheath it in a clean gym sock and I'm on my way.  The sock keeps it cold a little longer and also absorbs the condensation as it melts so that I don't have a puddle after it unthaws.  I freeze it on its side so that when I open it water doesn't spew everywhere.  That's also why I leave some head space before freezing.

I'm familiar with the latest about not reusing plastic because of carcinogens. I'm going to die of something anyway and I don't like the idea of buying bottled water.  But that's just my personal opinion.

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