Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fleecing Fool

Fleece is the most forgiving fabric I know of. Beginners as well as professional sewers can work with it easily. No need to finish edges and seams unless you want to. You're finished in a short amount of time.
Some years ago, I saw this fleece and fell in love with the horses and the green background.
Like many who sew, I was a collector and the fabric stayed in the closet for about two years.
Finally, I made this jacket. It's my favorite because it's soft,
warm, washable and easy care. I varied the pattern in that I added side pockets that weren't a part of the pattern. I believe that outerwear should always have pockets. I'd need a place for my car keys and wallet. One thing I did wrong was putting the buttons on the male side instead of the female side. So it buttons like a man's coat.

My neck gets cold sometimes so, I bought more fleece about three weeks ago. I'd lost the muffler I use with the horse fleece jacket so I bought a solid brown.
Though there was no need to finish the edges, I did place stay-stitching all around. I would need a guide when cutting the fringe and I wanted it to be as even as possible.
I had enough left over to make 2 more scarves which I gave to friends.

I went through the stash and found this navy blue piece that I'd bought ages ago. So now I have 2 that I've made. There will be more in coordinating colors.
I've become a Fleecing Fool.

Last year I did a couple of Christmas stockings for friends who are more into the holiday than I am. I enjoyed
making them and will probably do more throughout the year with a lot of scrap fabric I have.
I don't like for anything to go to waste.

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  1. Lovely jacket and really like the stitching detail.