Monday, January 10, 2011

Bards and Brews

What is a Bard?
A bard is a storyteller, poet or musician. They may be called by other names in other cultures but their purpose is much the same.

I had the opportunity to attend my first Bards and Brews at the Birmingham Public Library. The event was free but artists were selling CD’s and there was a TIP cup.
Artists pay a $5.00 entrance fee to participate. Judges are volunteers from the audience. There are also scorekeepers in the background. There are 1-3 rounds with the winner taking the pot at the end of the evening.

Attendees are given two tickets upon arrival. These tickets are to be used for drinks. There were two beers to sample, SweetWater beer–Blue and Georgia Brown. Georgia Brown was a dark ale. I sampled it first. I liked it. No need to describe it the way connoisseurs do. I liked it and that was good enough for me.
It was my intention to sample the SweetWater beer–Blue on my second round but somehow I ended up with the dark ale again.
A library employee introduces acoustical guitarist, Matt Carroll.
Another library employee gives credit where credit it is due. She informs us that the program is made possible by grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Brian "Voice Porter" Hawkins is the emcee.

I can’t tell you the names of all of the performers or who won because I left early. I will tell you this. It was well worth my time.
Some of these poets were spitting rhymes so powerful, it made you want to stand and holler!
I'm looking to forward to First Friday next month.

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  1. Ohhhh I want to check that out!!! I'll keep an eye open for it!