Wednesday, December 30, 2009

People are always making New Year's Resolutions. To make a resolution you need a plan.
How will you go about accomplishing the goal? What are your long range plans after (if) you accomplish the goal?
I make resolutions that I know I can keep.
Here they are along with how I plan to accomplish them.
1. Quit smoking
I don't smoke anyway so that should be easy.
2. Stop dieting.
self explanatory
3. Exercise more.
Getting out of bed counts.
4. Spend more money.
Why leave it for someone else to spend?
5. Volunteer
Not yourself but, your 38 year old son who lives in your basement and is out of work every three months but, finds the funds to buy beer.
6. Stop using credit cards.
An overdrawn checking account is just as good as an over-the-limit credit card.
7. Bury the hatchet on sour relationships.
Dig it back up and use it when things go sour again.
And there you have it. There's nothing wrong with making a resolution just as long as you have an idea as to how to make it work for you.

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