Monday, December 14, 2009


Some photos removed 11-4-12

These are more pictures from last year's Nashville trip.
The Hall of Trees display was located inside the Gaylord Hotel. Each tree is sponsored by a business or celebrity. Silent bids are made on the trees and the person with the highest bid gets the prizes associated with the tree. The money from the trees goes to charity.
Click the photos for detailed views and captions.

The tree below was decorated by Special Olympics participants. They made the decorations.

St. Jude Hospital

Regal Cinemas featuring Madagascar.

Louise Mandrell. We also had tickets for a dinner and show that next night to see her perform.

Soldiers tree. The Soldiers Prayer is on the easel.
Animal Cruelty

The Rockettes were performing and we had tickets to see them that night. It was spectacular. The dancers have such precision. The costumes were so colorful. It kept my interest. Pure entertainment.

The "snow" on this tree would light up.

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