Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Mystery of Love and Sex

SUCH a pretty day not to get out . I made a last minute decision to attend a Sunday matinee of  live theatre done by Terrific New Theatre,  one of the little theatres here in Birmingham.   The Mystery of Love and Sex was the offering. The online teaser stated:

Deep in the American South, Charlotte and Jonny have been best friends since they were nine. She's Jewish, he's Christian, he's black, she's white. Their differences intensify their connection until sexual desire complicates everything in surprising, compulsive ways. An unexpected love story about where souls meet and the consequences of growing up.”

This was my first time attending a TNT production. In fact  I went to the WRONG theatre which was Birmingham Festival Theatre to which I have been too before.  As a searched for a parking space,  I wondered why I didn’t  see anyone on the theatre grounds.  Discovering my mistake  Latoya (that’s my car’s name) and I did a turn around  hoping to make it to the correct address  Luckily TNT wasn’t too far away.  
I made it in well before the curtain went up.

According to the  Who’s Who on the program, the cast included:

 Russell E. Alexander II (Jonny)   is a Senior Theatre Arts Major at The University of Alabama at  Birmingham (UAB) who’ll be graduating this April. He has performed  numerous works here and in other cities 

Beth Kitchin (Lucinda)  has performed in over 30 productions in the Birmingham area. She is an Assistant  Professor of  Nutrition  Sciences at UAB. 
*I immediately recognized her from her nutrition advisory spots on the local morning show, Good Day Alabama

Judd McCluney (Howard)   made his debut with TNT in 1987.  He has performed in countless productions here and elsewhere.  He too studied at UAB, been a member of  the  Birmingham Shakespeare Ensemble, City Equity Theatre and Ravenswood Productions.

Laura Elson Towns (Charlotte) This was her fifth performance with TNT. She has also performed with BFT and Virginia Samford Theatre.

George “Buddy” Cannon (Howard’s  father) is a retiree with a long history of stage performances over the years. This was his first performance with TNT

This was definitely not a dramedy  (comedy-drama)  for children. There were adult themes and scenes.  Also present were infidelity, sexual tensions, racism, homosexuality, alcohol, marijuana and tobacco. 

I was gripped in a trance as each actor finessed his/her character exhibiting a roller coaster of emotions of which I was a passenger.   A brilliant  presentation.  I left the theatre sated from the performance.

Very cozy inside with head shots of various actors.

Photo opp with Russell E. Alexander II who portrayed Jonny.
I would have requested photos from the other actors but he is the only one I saw.

That's it 

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