Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Do you detest grocery shopping as much as I do?

Suppose you could get someone to do your grocery shopping for you?

 That was the subject of a magnificent lecture I attended today led by KAT’s Inc.  CEO  & President, Maurice Mercer.  He fascinated me even more by saying , “Seniors get a flat rate.”

The idea for his company came about when his own mother Kathryn Jenkins
an MSN was stricken with a debilitating illness which no longer allowed her to do her own shopping and other errands. You can read more about the background of his brainchild on the website

Some of what I remember from the lecture included the following:

  • Employees/shoppers/delivery persons (Hereafter referred to as ESD) are bonded, insured and under a company insurance policy for other incidentals. They are given a background check.
  • They will shop at the stores you want them to.
  • Stores will give the senior discount on senior discount days when KAT’s tells them they are shopping for a senior.
  • ESDs are part-timers and wear red t- shirts with the name of the business on front and  shopping cart logo.
  • ESDs will go to more than one store, up to 3 stores if they are  within the same area. Otherwise there is an upcharge.
  • ESDs  will put the groceries up for you if you are unable to do so.
  • Clients may e-mail, text or phone in their orders.  Orders phoned in after 7pm go to voicemail.
  • If an ESD can’t find an item a client has listed, the ESD will call/text to ask the client about substitutes.
  • Shopping lists need to be at KAT’s the day before the shopping.
  • ESDs give clients a time window as to when the delivery will be made.

After giving the basics of the business Mr. Mercer took questions from the audience. 

My questions were;
  •   Must clients sign a contract? No. But they must have a credit card on file even if they pay by check. No cash payments are allowed.  
  •    May a client use coupons? Yes. The client can mail in the coupons. If the ESD has to pick them up and then shop that is an extra fee. KAT’s also uses digital coupons they may find online.
This is a service that is certainly needed by seniors/disabled or chronically ill. I found Mr. Mercer’s responses to be full of human compassion and well thought out. I will be using this service at least once just as an experience.

This free program was sponsored by Senior Services Division of the  Human-Community Services and Economic Development  and was held at Cooper Green Mercy Health Services.  There was also free parking with a validated ticket.  I will be attending future programs sponsored by the organization.

As I age I want to stay informed of the services out there for me.

That's it 

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