Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bling Is Our Thing

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There are Red Hat Societies (RHS) all over the world. I happen to belong to a chapter known as B-Uniq' Sophisticated Ladies (BUSL). Yes that is the correct spelling with emphasis on the "Unique" portion. 

The focus of the RHS is for women of 50 years and older to get together and  "play" which is really to have fun.  Events are known as "hoots". Pink Hatters are women under the age of 50. When a Hatter turns 50, they are given a "Reduation" and a red hat.

Most chapters have a large hoot on their anniversary date inviting any and all official Red Hatters that would like to attend. In some cases you must show your official membership card because there are a lot of renegades who call themselves Red Hatters but don't observe the rules and regulations.

In keeping with this year's theme, Bling Is Our Thing, I decided to make a lighted skirt. Below you can see the steps I took to make the skirt.

When all was done, I ended up not wearing the skirt. I was not pleased with the aesthetics of the outer skirt.  I instead chose to wear a normal red dress with lots of jewelry. 
Let it be known that I'll go back to the drawing board and may refashion the lights into something completely different. It isn't over. 
B-Uniq' Sophisticated Ladies  
 That's It***

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