Friday, August 2, 2013

Squash and Celery Slaw

 Fresh vegetables  are good for you but it's not good to leave them  too long.

This all began when I was baffled as to what to do with leftover celery and squash. Once again, stalking the NET, I came across celery slaw. Since I didn't follow their recipe exactly, I won't put a link to it. I'm  not sure what defines a dish as slaw or salad but I'm  guessing the slaw is shredded.

Sure I could look it up but I'd rather fly by the seat of my pants.
I washed and  scooped out the seeds of  four squash.
Seeded raw squash

Pulp/seeds from squash that I'll use in something else.
 HEY! I had to pay for it. Nothing's going to waste.

Here I've julienned the squash into fine slices.
The Loosely Pulled Together Recipe
Combined  about two cups of  julienned squash with one cup of chopped celery.
Mixed in  two tablespoons of  dried cranberries and two tablespoons of sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. 

NOTE: Since I failed to take a photo of celery and squash slaw, this photo is of  one I did without the celery.
All in all it was refreshing, different and tasty.

But Wait---There's More...

Celery for Fun
I'd read  somewhere that celery could be regrown from  it's base by putting it in water and then soil, allowing it to resprout from the center into a new stalk.

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  1. Interesting slaw. I have not had any kind of cole slaw in about a year or so.