Friday, April 20, 2012

Jazz and Jamaica

Last Saturday there was an annual jazz band fest held at Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. The fest began on Thursday and ended on Saturday. I attended on Saturday. There were bands from elementary school all the

way up to college. 

These are the performances I caught.  

I misplaced my program so I'm going on memory as to the identity of each of the bands.

During the bands' lunch break, I went next door to  Yeh Man Jamaican restaurant and picked up a mango and carrot juice. Since it was hot outside, I opted to stay inside the establishment drinking my beverage and listening to the reggae music that was playing. This is not a fancy place but it was clean and the owner was friendly. I'd had a large breakfast and so I didn't order from the menu. I do plan to try it out at a later date.

I'm assuming the flags have been turned this was to serve as wall hangings.

Reggae posters as well as a neighborhood bulletin board

The menu and a few aside notes for the public.

THAT'S IT for 10am until 12:30 pm for the day


  1. Yeah.. comments is back. Thanks for the beautiful compliment on my post. That jazz event sounds like a great evening and in the last few years have turned my ears to jazz. I am still trying to understand the various jazz genre. I like the various posts chronicling the events/goings-on in alabama.. making me want to take a vacation to my birthplace.

  2. You find the most interesting places! I've NEVER seen this place. Gonna check it out when I get off bed rest lol