Saturday, May 14, 2011

Five Guys Named Moe

Last evening I visited the Red Mountain Theatre and saw Five Guys Named Moe.
Nomax , it's principal character is drowning himself in liquor because of his failed love affair with Lorraine. He takes to heart the sad sack songs coming from his radio and he continues to soak himself in alcoholic drink. During this bout of drinking, five guys emerge from his radio. Big Moe, Four-Eyed Moe, Eat Moe, No Moe and Little Moe proceed to inform Nomax where he has made his errors with Lorraine and the art of pleasing women. This musical is filled with singing by all six of these characters. Much of the music is from the 1930's featuring famous band leader and musician, Louis Jordan.

I had the opportunity to see and hear Louis Jordan in person during the late"60's. My Mom and some of her friends were so excited because Louis Jordan was to be a featured act during , The Festival of the Arts. The Festival of the Arts was an outdoor street festival sponsored every year in downtown Birmingham. Most years a particular country was featured with ensuing activities geared toward the theme. I really don't remember what the theme was that year but there were people everywhere and I remember the enjoyment everyone seemed to get from Louis Jordan and his band. I was unable to really appreciate his talent at that young age. With age though "sometimes" comes wisdom even if its just a little bit and I can appreciate his music now.

Five Guys Named Moe involved the audience in a sing along and conga line with Push Ka Pi Shi Pie . The audience participated in a call and response with Caldonia.

These actors were hugely talented professionals. They could do it all. Dancing, singing, cartwheels, the works. And did I mention that one of the actors I've known since he was a child. He has a degree in Fine Arts and has since secured a certificate in film and directing. We all called him C.J. and now of course he's Cecil Washington Jr.
He has traveled extensively and I was glad to know that he still knows "the little people." People like me.
After the show the audience was invited to ask the cast questions. They graciously responded to them all.
I'd advise anyone to see this great musical.

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