Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ponderings 2

These peanut butter cups weren’t that great but I wanted something sweet to eat. As I progressed on my sugar high, I decided to read the label not for nutrients but to see where they were manufactured. I'm leery of buying things made in China.

On their website under contact is listed. Fred's Inc.

Attn: Service Center

4300 New Getwell Road

Memphis, TN 38118

There I was eating chocolate candy, loaded with carbs, calories and fat manufactured on Getwell, Road.

For those smokers who are in a hurry or don't want to get out of the car in the rain for a pack of smokes or other tobacco products,

there's Drive Thru window .

** Let Everybody Know It's Your Birthday! click photos to enlarge

In case you can't see it, "Sakes Alive General Is 65"

click photo to enlarge

More Landscaping Gone Wild!


Gardendale Library has a 3D metal sculpture of a person reading.

There are no pine trees near the sculpture so...

Who provided these lovelies?

Picture 1, "I need a laxative."

Picture 2, "I'll just sit here on the [toilet] and read until something happens."

That's it***

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