Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grow Alabama

Grow Alabama is an organization that allows the public to have fresh produce in season delivered to various pick up sites where the customer picks them up.

The levels include gold, silver and bronze. Each of these levels has a different price and amount of produce the consumer receives.

I chose the silver level. In it I will receive 6 different vegs/fruits. It is enough for 3-4 servings. The consumer is allowed to order 2 of something if one of the items is not to his liking. For instance if cucumbers are in the veg box and you don't like cucumbers, you can get two of squash, if squash is one of the vegs offered that week.

I bought one of the certificates for $49 that would allow me to have $99 worth of food over a four week period.

Below are the items I received during week three.

As you can see there are only 5 different items. That is because I chose to have two orders of string beans in place of cucumbers.

I made sure that I showed you the bruises on the apples. They still turned out to be very good.

I won't continue in this program because:

1.The person I talked to on the phone about where to pick up had the personality of vinegar and lemon.
The place I wanted to receive my produce was to get its deliveries at 2:30. I had to be at work by 4:00. At 3:00 the vegbox had not arrived. I called the office and the woman was not rude but she showed little concern. I told her I was new to the program and was not familiar with how it worked. I had to extract (as in dentistry) any information I needed to make a decision.
Though I've never met her, she reminded me of the Carol Burnett character, Mrs. Wiggins.

Woman: I'll call the driver and call you back.
Me: waiting, waiting, 3:10. She hasn't called me back. I call back and ask, "Is he coming?".
Woman: He didn't answer his phone.
Long pause ....waiting for her to give me further instructions.
Me: What should I do? I've got to be at work at four.
Woman: I can give you a credit.
Long pause... waiting for her to tell me what a credit is and how it works
Me: What is that? How does it work?

Getting information out of this woman was excruciating.

2. I never knew from week to week what I would be getting unless I called, though my e-mail address was on file. I had to ask for that also.
3. The list would say there'd be eggplant and then when I get my vegbox I didn't have eggplant instead I'd have two squash. I guess they ran out of eggplant and gave two of whatever was plentiful.
4. One week I received an e-mail that there wouldn't be a delivery. That was fine but the Woman put everyone's e-mail address in Cc instead of Bcc. Now everybody knows everyone else's e-mail address.
5. The following week there was no delivery because of the death of one of their employees. That's understandable. I respect that.
6. My last vegbox was last week. I don't plan to reorder.

I'd like to support the local farmers but I have not been pleased with the service especially customer service. Although when I called in last week a new person answered and she had much better customer service skills. I told her so. Still, this is more trouble than it is worth.
Grow Alabama needs to polish its skills.

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