Monday, October 11, 2010

craft suitcase, planter

I saw a gorgeous flower planter of burlap made by DevilishlyDomestic at What a great environmentally friendly planter.

I decided I wanted to make one. Here it is.
I bought the fabric folded and cut it in a square.

As you can see here I've done a lot of stitching to keep the soil in because it'll be outside and it will need to withstand the elements.

Here I've added the handle so it can hang on the fence.
I cut the slits and place the soil inside. Then the plants.
Here it is on the fence. Mine was not anywhere near as beautiful as DevilishlyDomestic.Glad I did try it though.

UPDATE 8-26-2012 I left it outside on the ground once I was finished with it and it was eaten by insects. Another eco friendly fabric. It returned to the earth.
Trying to pick out your luggage on the carousel at the airport can be a little difficult when it all looks alike. I decided to make mine stand out a bit more.
I made my own stencil by taping off areas with painters tape. I used oil paint crayons. It's a lot neater. Using a stipling brush spreads the paint the way you want. Sort of like dry brushing.
Here is the finished result after coloring in the background. I liked it best without the background filled in but it's too late. There's nothing I can do about that.

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