Monday, May 11, 2009


Some time back I attended a wine tasting sponsored by the Palm Wine Society. The tasting was held at Ga'Briella's. I'd never been there and was very impressed with it's cozy atmosphere. We tasted five wines. It was a rainy evening but there was still a good crowd. We were served a cheese concoction with a type of fruit preserve spread over it. The accompanying dippers were toasted pita bread triangles as well as other non traditional tasties. I was told that they have a Sunday Brunch every Sunday. I went back a couple weeks later for the brunch. That's when I took these pictures. The weather was sunny and mild. The outdoor tables were inviting as well as the open door. I chose to dine inside where I listened to smooth jazz and breathed in my surroundingsI allowed myself to imagine that I was in Paris, France or part of the Harlem Renaissance.

The food was magnificent and such a wide array to choose from. Seasoned to perfection. There were some I'd never heard of. Two that I remember were collard green souffle and pear cobbler. Yummm!

I hope this little bistro gets more business because it's to good to let go. Parking is easy on Sunday's because they're the only business open on Sunday in that area. Prices are competitive with other upscale Sunday Brunches. If I'm not mistaken they're open for dinner during the week. They're located at :

317 17th Street North.


Their business card also says that they cater.




Before you ask, I'm not affiliated with them in anyway other than being a very satisfied customer who wants others to have this same experience.

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