Monday, May 2, 2016

Kansas City, Missouri part 1

 Kansas City, Missouri

This is my second time traveling with Road Scholar. What attracts me to their tours is so much of it is all inclusive. Food, lodging, gratuities, and fees for lectures, guides and sight visitations. I only needed to arrange travel to get there and get back.

 I'm only listing some of the activities not all. I enjoy knowing the agenda has been planned and I only need to turn up. The event began Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Here's Monday's schedule
Civil War Presentation with Randy Mullis
Winstead's Restaurant
Blue Ribbon Guide Walking Tour
Truman Presentation with Ray Starzman
Dinner @ hotel
Jazz Lecture- David Basse

I was still jet lagged and so after breakfast I went back to my room and didn't reappear until it was time for the jazz lecture. I bought one of David Basse's CDs and I have been playing it repeatedly since I've returned home.

Union Station

There's been a rivalry between Bryant's and Gates as to who has the best bbq. The rivalry began between the two when one of Bryant's close business partners took his secrets to Gates and began working for the competition. Both men have since passed on but the businesses continue.

BBQ was good at both places. 
We had ribs, sausage without a casing and slaw at Bryant's. The slaw was sweet and salty. Delicious.
Arthur Bryant


Gates served us ribs,baked beans, smoked turkey, sausage and burnt ends. Both Bryant and Gates are known for their burnt ends. It's a chewy smoked part of the beef that's absolutely delectable. They are the only two places that really serve it. Others may profess to have burnt ends but they're not the real thing.
 Gates is still family owned and has multiple locations. They own quite a bit of the property in the location of their original store. One building is used to manufacture their own bbq sauce.


Two hour  Black History bus tour with Eric Stafford Black history historian. This man was a wealth of information. I wanted to hear and see even more after the tour. 


End Part 1

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