Friday, June 21, 2013

More Keys

Sometimes you TRY something out and then you get on a roll and become addicted. So is the case with the abandoned keys I have around the house. You may remember this one from an earlier post. VeCl saw and admired it so I told her I'd make one for her. I asked what color she'd like and the response was orange. As with a lot of my projects I try to employ more than one method of doing things so that I can see which works the best.
I'm using acrylics, sandpaper and decoupage sealer (not shown).
First I wash and sand the key so it'll have some traction for the paint.  I mixed the orange with some yellow to achieve the right color to match the decorative bits I have in orange below.

I like to dump out what I have in the colors I may use onto a palette (read as: piece of paper), then choose what I want. The shiny cut glass gem was what I decided on.
I painted two keys. These keys have numerous coats of paint. At least three on back, front and sides. One key I painted with the acrylic and one with the glitter paint. The glitter paint didn't cover the surface as well and I ended up painting it orange. NOTE: Future endeavors will have me using a solid base color and then topping with the glitter paint.
 I dipped both keys in decoupage and hung them by a toothpick stuck in a foam block so that they could drip dry. I let it hang for 24 hours.
It gives a great finish. I'm sure I would have gotten an even better finish with Dimensional Magic. It supposedly gives items a resin finish. I didn't have any and I haven't tried it yet so I used what I had.

I placed a few single orange stones down the shaft of the key. Filigree from other jewelry served as leaves on the side. 2 tortoise shell colored beads on a gold elastic cord completes the necklace.
VeCl was very pleased and said she received many compliments.
 I've been asked to display some of these at an arts and crafts show so I guess I'd better get started. I plan to make ten. You will see them in a later post.
That's It***

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