Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oven fried Rutabaga

I’ve had these rutabagas (sometimes called yellow turnips) for a while. (They keep very well) I got these in a vegetable box along with fresh kale, collards,turnip bottoms and a couple other things which slip my mind at this time. They are difficult to peel and these are small which presents even more problems.  Most rutabagas in supermarkets  are one large root enough to feed several people.
Since they are difficult to peel, I decided to wash and boil them to soften them up.

Only one turnip in the group because  the others had been consumed a good while back. 

Here are the rutabagas and lone turnip after they have been boiled.

I've peeled the rutabagas and can see now why they are called yellow turnips.

The turnip is missing because I ate it. Turnips take less time to cook and come out sweeter and more tender than the rutabagas.

Notice the white fibrous tissue inside? Something tells me I kept these
a little too long or either I didn't store them correctly.
 I've peeled and seasoned turnips in the past put them in the oven and let them oven fry. I'm doing this with the rutabagas.

Rutabaga in bag with seasonings

These look really pretty after being cooked and coming out of the oven.

BUT! Looks can be deceiving.

Unfortunately after a taste test they were not good. The white part in picture number four above before cooking turned out to be tough. I have yet to research what caused this.

I have baked root vegetables together before and they turned out great. A blend of turnips, rutabagas, and carrots makes a very nice medley.

Since this recipe didn't turn out the way I expected ,I consoled myself by finishing up the blueberry crumble I'd made the day before.

The oven fried rutabaga went the route of  all other refuse. In the trash.
The oven fried rutabaga in the garbage along with its peels and an empty fast food container from Captain D's.


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  1. These do look really good! If you figure it out, let us know!