Friday, December 31, 2010

My Household Tips

Here are a few of my own household tips to make life a little easier for those of us who clean up the messes, even when it’s our own mess.

Ever had Blue Bunny ice cream? I’m a fan of it. Even the low calorie version is delicious. What’s even nicer is that it comes in an oval, resealable, plastic tub. I couldn’t bear to throw away such a valuable plastic container so I decided to use it as an indoor planter.
I took two clean Blue Bunny containers. (I have more because I eat a lot of ice cream) I punched a few drainage holes in the bottom.
Before all of my outdoor basil died, I rooted a few sprigs in water and planted them in dirt inside the empty Blue Bunny ice cream container. I sat the container of basil inside of another empty container to catch the water.
The oval shape fits perfectly in my windowsill where my basil gets just the right amount of light.

Shower and Tub Cleaning

I have the premade shower and tub surround. The good thing about it is that there is no grout to clean mold out of. The only thing I don’t like is having to clean it. Like most showers and tubs in the past, I had to use strong cleaners which required a mask and ventilation. There was always a lot of scrubbing and after all of that work, who wants to get back in the tub/shower and get it dirty again. The spray on shower cleaners have never worked for me. There’s still a lot of back breaking scrubbing

That is UNTIL…

Yes, that’s right folks, no fumes oven cleaner .
1. Spray the no fume oven cleaner over a small area of the shower wall, top to bottom. (It doesn’t make sense to start at the bottom. When you clean the top you’ll have to clean any drips from the bottom.)
2. Have a bucket of warm water and a sponge or rag. Wring the water out of your sponge and wipe it down.
3. That’s right, don’t scrub, don’t chisel, .......wiiiiipe....... itttt....... down.4. The grime comes off like melted butter. Just look at your rag and you’ll see it.   Update 11-18-2012.since this post I have been using Scrubbing Bubbles. It works well

5. Every now and then rinse your rag and go on to another spot. I usually do the tub after I’ve finished the walls.
NOTE: n I don’t wet the walls before applying the foam.
n I don’t know if this works with ceramic tile and grout but you could test it out on a spot.
n I don’t put any cleaner on the chrome fixtures or the drain.
n I ventilate even though the label says it’s fume free.

I can’t take credit for this cleaning tip. I saw it on the NET and was skeptical as to whether it would work or not. Now that I know it does I’ll keep using it.

Fast Food Plastic and Foam CupsI eat a lot of fast food. The workers know me and usually know what I want because I get the same thing every time. Most times my meal is a “to go” so I end up with a lot of plastic ware ,empty cups, rewashed, throwaway platters etc. I always tell myself I’ll use them again and then I end up with a lot of clutter.
Then I feel guilty. Taking the same clean cup or plate to the food establishment on my next visit sounds kind of crude. Besides I think it’s against health department rules to reuse these items.
I’ve used fast food cups for a little of everything. No doubt you have a few uses . My latest use is to soak tableware. Before I run the dishwasher I make sure I have a load. During the interim the food on cutlery has the opportunity to get as hard as cement. I end up having to handwash it.
Now I put a little dish soap and water in a foam cup. I place dirty eating utensils in the cup (business end down) which is kept inside the dishwasher. When it’s time to run a load I place the utensils in their appointed basket and let the dishwasher do the rest.
I’ve found that my tableware comes out cleaner without me having to rewash by hand.

Single Cuppa CoffeeI’ve been trying to cut back on my coffee consumption. I’m limiting myself to 2 cups a day. My coffee maker makes 10 cups.
Instead of buying a 2 cup model, I use the one I have.
I'm cheap. So what!?
1. I put enough coffee in a filter into the basket for one cup of coffee.
2. I pour a cup of water into the dispenser.
3. I set my ceramic mug or cup underneath the spout and turn it on. When the cup gets about ½ full, I turn off the coffee maker and let the rest drip in the cup.

If it looks as if my cup will run over, ( I couldn't resist) I remove the cup and place either a saucer or an empty cup there to catch the residue.
I’m not saying these tips are all my own but just among some of my favorites.
I’m open to new ones.
THAT'S IT*** Updated 11-18-2012

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  1. Thank u so much for the simple solution of having 2 containers for yr herbs instead of one - I am about to be living full time on a boat and wanting to grow my own herbs, and was wondering how i would contain the water from the drainholes.. PERFECT solution. I have ice cream containers as we like ice cream!.. Thank you for the simple but brilliant idea :-)