Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

AT ONE time returning to school meant a new plaid dress, school shoes, brand new book satchel, and returning after Labor Day.

The ice breaker for most teachers was to write a one page essay on "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." This became so predictable until I began writing my essay ahead of time so that when school began I'd already have it done and could sit idly doing nothing. Instead of being idle I most likely was drawing pictures on my crisp, white notebook paper with my razor sharp, number 2 pencils.

This summer a friend and I traveled to Seattle, Washington. Starbucks country, Jimi Hendrix’s hometown, Space Needle. I enjoyed it tremendously. I took scads of pictures but I won’t bore you with all of them. At least not all at one time. I’ve decided to put no more than 10 pictures at a time in future posts. Seeing all of those pictures at one time is overwhelming and after a while just plain boring.

Case in point. (I don’t know if I’ve told you this story before or not. I don’t care anyway. Remember it’s my blog) I attended an informal Ladies Luncheon a few years back with someone I knew named AP. These were her friends. I didn’t know a single person there but, she’d asked me to tag along. Lunch was at a chain restaurant . No problem. I’m sitting at a table with about 7 other women, hungry as a bear at Weight Watchers and these women start talking about their grandchildren.

But wait there’s more! (infomercial talk) They pull out PHOTO ALBUMS! Some of them have TWO PHOTO ALBUMS! Not the purse size album but the family ancestry size. We can’t order until after everyone has passed around their photo albums.

There’s only so much oooing and aahhing, “Isn’t that cute” you can do after you’ve looked at 50 pictures from this person, 175 from the next etc.

Will somebody tell me what is so “darling” about a toddler sitting on the potty? And, do they do costume changes? I swear I saw the same kid sitting on the potty in 10 different pictures just wearing a different bib.

I couldn’t leave because AP was driving. I think babies are cute and I don't mind looking at pictures but I don't want to look at pictures all the time or only talk about Pampers vs. Depends.

Well I just spent too much time talking about grandmothers and their leather bound baby picture encyclopedias. Yep, I said it. Volume A- 5 pics of baby awake, Volume B-8 pics of baby in the bath, Volume C-8 pics of baby cuddling with grandma. I think you get the picture(Yes, I meant it as a pun). It was an experience I don’t care to have again anytime soon…or ever.
Experience Music Project Museum. A costume worn by Jimi Hendrix.

A tower sculpture about 200ft. tall made of guitars and other musical instruments.
Costumes worn by the original Supremes

Very ornate with beading and a tiny size . I guess it's true TV and photos make a person look larger than they are.
I remember these dresses from the Ed Sullivan Show, when the Supremes performed with The Temptations before the Supremes disbanded. I just loved seeing the Temptations dance. They were so
My camera didn't capture the pink in these dresses. Use your imagination.

As you can see there were others. Time was running out so I tried to take a collective shot of some of the other dresses.


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