Saturday, June 26, 2010


There's nothing like the brewing of fresh coffee. Some people go so far as to grind their own beans before brewing a cup. I can remember as a child accompanying my mother when she went to the A&P for groceries. She'd get a bag of Eight O'Clock coffee, open the bag and dump the beans in the grinder. Positioning the bag underneath the grinder, she'd turn on the machine and I'd watch the ground beans along with that wonderful aroma pour into the bag. During those days I'd never heard of flavored coffee.

About the only people who really frequented coffee shops were beatniks, where they'd spit poetry, discuss the mysteries of life and engage in other alterations of their present society.

In the past coffee always seemed like a mediator. IN the early days of soap operas, the women would sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and discussing whatever crisis they were going through. Even now when a person may be going through a rough patch, a friend may suggest "getting a cup of coffee" and talking things over. "Would you like to get a cup of coffee?" has been used by more than one person to break the ice when wanting to get acquainted with someone.
There are few privately owned coffee shops. I happened to have come across this one in Five Points West here in Birmingham, AL.

It's owner is Polly King. You can get the same thing here that you can get at Starbucks but even more. For one thing Ms. Polly greets everyone who enters with a smile and makes you feel welcomed. That's one of the differences between franchise businesses and those privately owned.

Local artists display their works for sale in the Coffee Shoppee. The art work changes periodically. The establishment features live jazz and spoken word sessions. ON occasions there is a book signing featuring local authors. Karaoke night is another offering.
Wi-Fi is available.

Or for those who'd rather watch the flat screen, there are a couple of cozy couches. The cushions on the couch have "Coffee Shoppee" embroidered on them.
For those who'd like to do a little solitary reading there's a book shelf that includes magazines, novels and books by many unknown artists who have self published.
Coffee Shoppee has coffee, tea, juices, baked goods (the poppy seed bundt cake is my favorite), sandwiches on request and of course a

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