Friday, May 28, 2010

Who Is This Person?


I have absolutely no idea.

I found her photo along with some others while perusing a vintage shop.

I’d made a wristlet once with a family picture on the front. I found it so much more convenient than carrying a large purse. I could tuck in a phone, wallet, keys. Just the essentials and not be bogged down with a heavy purse. It can be hung on the wrist while shopping leaving the hands free .

Before I get started I have to say that having Photo Shop would have made things a lot easier but since I don’t have it and won’t be buying it I’ll have to do things the old- fashioned way. I won’t buy Photo Shop because my computer is old and it’s time for a new one. If and/or when I get a new one I’ll have Photo Shop placed on it but, by then there will probably be something else.

I’ll start with this lovely lady. (I like the dress) I decided first what kind of scene I wanted her to be a part of. I wanted her in a travel scene, beside a vintage Cadillac, with luggage on the side.

First, I found a 1946 Cadillac on the NET and copied it.

Next, I scanned ,enlarged and printed travel lady’s picture to the size I needed. Then I manually cut it out and put it to the side.

Then I went to my clip art and found luggage which I inserted beside the Cadillac. I placed the lady near the door of the Cadillac.
If you remember in the original picture her hand was missing because it was propped against the porch banister. To cover that up, I put a road map in her hand.

After configuring my picture the way I wanted it, I scanned it and saved it on my computer.

I put a sheet of iron on transfer paper in my printer and printed the picture. (You’ll have to fiddle with size and placement to your liking)
After that I ironed the transferred picture onto a piece of white twill fabric. (Make sure you let it cool first or you’ll end of disfiguring your picture.) On top of the transfer I used Heat & Bond Vinyl. In the past the iron-on transfers have had a tendency to peel as they age.(Hmm. I can relate.)

No doubt you’ve seen the novelty Route 66 fabric at some time in your local fabric store. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby simply because it was the store nearest me with fabric. (I bought several other novelty pieces also.)

I cut all pieces to the desired sizes lined them with left over black lining I had.

I found a zipper in my stash that was also one of the colors in the fabric and used it as a closure.

I had a used necklace (from the thrift store) and ribbon (left over from a previous project) that used as the wristlet portion. And here you have the finished wristlet.

There are several things I would like to change or perfect but I'm still satisfied.
In the future I’d like a matte finish on the Heat & Bond vinyl.

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  1. Now that's what I call totally cool. C's own photo shopping... cute purse.