Monday, September 21, 2009


I am in the fifth decade of life and this was my FIRST CIRCUS EVER. I’d heard such great things about the fabulous Universoul Circus. I was determined that this year I would catch a matinee of the circus after hearing so much about it.

The circus was pitched at Legion Field. Legion Field was used in the 1996 Summer Olympics for soccer matches. The the opening match between the United States and Argentina drew 83,810 spectators, the stadium's all-time record for any event.(Wikipedia)
As I stood in line to purchase my ticket a lady approached me and asked if I was alone. I warily answered , yes. I wasn’t sure if this was the beginning of a con game or what.
What made me even more guarded was when she said, “Here’s a free ticket.”
Hesitantly, I took the ticket and asked her who I should thank?
She informed me that a radio station had purchased several tickets for the matinee and she needed to get rid of them because they were only good for that matinee. She asked me if I was familiar with the station and I told her yes.
(Although I never listen to that station, I had answered truthfully…. I am familiar with it.)
I remained apprehensive.
Suppose I get to the entrance and find out that the ticket is a fake?
Suppose someone who knows me sees me trying to get into the circus with a fake ticket?
I handed my ticket to the doorman. He scanned the ticket with a black light . The ticket was legit, and I was in. Apparently there’s a hologram on the ticket that can be seen with the black light.
Though it was hot outside, the inside of the tent was cool.

Photos weren’t allowed but you can go to their website.

I saw acrobats, horseback riders, aerialists, circus clowns dressed as old ladies dancing to Beyonce’s Put A Ring On It, contortionists, jugglers.

See some of their
YOUTUBE clips .

This circus is truly professional. It is a class act . Everything ran like clockwork. While one act was finishing the participants knew what they needed to do to prepare for the next act in a timely fashion. Some acts obviously needed more set up time. Yet, the audience was never left bored. There was much interaction with the audience usually during the set up times. Seeing families out having good clean fun and bonding was heart warming.What an experience ! I had a wonderful time! I can’t wait to go again!

Photos weren't allowed but, what harm could be done by snapping a picture at the end of the show while all of the acts take a bow and receive their well deserved applause?

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