Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doughnut Day

Yesterday( June 5th) was National Doughnut Day. All of the Krispy Kreme's were offering a free doughnut. Of course I sidled into my local shop and was given a warm, glazed confection that melted in my mouth. A fresh, hot doughnut reminds me of a wispy cloud. Airy and light it's gone in four bites (that would be a great jingle for them).
Dunkin' Donuts offered a free donut with the purchase of a drink.
(Didn't go there)
Krispy Kreme is by far my favorite. Had I been aware of National Doughnut Day a week ago I would have plotted my strategy for obtaining more than one free doughnut.

1. 8601 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL

2. 96 Weibel Drive, Birmingham, AL 35228

3. 1990 New Patton Chapel Road, Birmingham, AL 35226
The plan is to go to each of these locations during the morning. Return to each location after the working shift changes and do it all again. Optional: Change your clothes or wear a disguise just in case someone is working a double shift.

BTW *If you're ever hankering for a doughnut and can't get to a doughnut shop, here's a substitute.
You'll need:
canned biscuits
vegetable oil

confectioner's sugar
1. Place cooking oil in a deep fat fryer or boiler (enough to cover the biscuits/doughnuts) Heat oil to a medium high heat.
2. Separate the biscuits. Drop the biscuits/doughnuts one at a time into the hot cooking oil.
NOTE: You may want to lower them into the oil using a wooden skewer or long handled
3. Turn biscuits with skewer or fork and remove when slightly golden on each side.
4. After removing from oil, immediately drop hot biscuit/doughnut into confectioner's sugar
and toss.
5. Shake off excess sugar and consume when cool enough to eat.
OPTIONAL. No confectioner's sugar. Split biscuit while hot and sprinkle in a little brown sugar,cinnamon and raisins . Voila' ! instant cinnamon roll.
NOTE: These are better when warm. They aren't good cold and don't reheat well.

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