Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I Tried This

I've had some time on my hands and so decided to try out a few new things.

So far I haven't tried either of these with meatballs and tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese. But it's coming.



I had a choice of two butters.

The differences are very slight. The plant butter melted fine on my baked potato and tasted just as delicious as the regular butter.

Coffee Break
CRAFT sort of

Welcoming Spring and it's holidays can be a little difficult when you can't get out to get the craft materials you need and they aren't in your stash.
I'd gotten this plaque from $ Tree before the PandemicCrafting makes me feel better. 
Left - the plaque as I bought it from $ Tree
Right- outlined the eggs with markers. Painted the rabbit, added features and a cowboy hat. Painted the burlap tie yellow and added glitter. Highlighted the greenery. Added a pink jeweled nose. Highlighted the wording, "Happy Easter."
I wanted to add more  because it still looks too plain but this craft fix will have to do for now.

Keeping me company while blogging were these two albums.
That's it***

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

BOOK REPORT: Recipe For a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown

      2018. Nate and Alice Hale move from busy New York City to a dilapidated 1940’s fixer-upper complete with the former occupant’s belongings in the quiet suburb of Greenville. Nate is ecstatic. Alice, not so much. Happy that Alice has resigned her PR position Nate feels it’s the perfect time to start a family and Alice can write the book she’s anticipated for so long.

Alice isn’t so sure she’s ready for a family. She’s at a loss without her PR job. Whoever heard of being fired for one innocent mistake. Alice feels alone and foreign in suburbia until she meets he older neighbor, Sally.  

1955, Nellie Murdoch, has the perfect life. Husband, home, and a beautiful garden she loves tending. The garden reminds Nellie of the fun times she and her spent together when she was a child. 

Her husband Richard is desperate for Nellie to become pregnant so that he too can prove his masculinity becoming a father like his male counterparts. Nellie has been pregnant before but miscarried the day Richard arrived home from work finding Nellie working in the garden instead of preparing his after work cocktail and placing dinner on the table. A furious Richard chastened her too roughly. 

Nellie finds a friend in Miriam her older neighbor who sees and hears the abuse.  Richard doesn’t allow his abusive nature to be seen by anyone. That would make things imperfect.

Nellie entrusts Miriam to hold on to letters she writes to her mother but never mails. 

In 2018, Miriam’s daughter, Sally gives the letters to Alice. Upon reading their contents, Alice is privy to Nellie’s life as a “perfect” wife. It also opens her mind to what she wants in life.

 As the author relates the stories of both women, the reader can see how both want to be seen, heard and recognized as a person. Examine the similarities and difference in the lives of two separate women living 63 years apart. 

Throughout the book. Alice's chapters begin with an admonition on the duties of a perfect wife.
Nellie's chapters begin with a rolling pin icon and  recipe that the author has collected from vintage cookbooks or one of her own.
My experience making  Herbed Cheese Popovers. From the 5 Roses Cook Book (1913)

Additional recipes and credits 

The covers of this books speak volumes. On the hard cover the title obliterates the woman's face indicating her lack of worth. The paperback copy shows the imperfections of the woman displaying her as jagged. Yet in another sense it could symbolize the many facets of this person. Her face is also covered.

!!!!SPOILER ALERT !!!: I subscribe to Cityline on Facebook. Two of the personalities were discussing the book with its author. If you want to know what was discussed click the Cityline link above. The video is about 18 minutes long.
NOTE: I did notice that the title on the books they have don't cover the woman.

This was a fantastic read. It had surprises that I didn't even know were coming. But I guess that's what a surprise is.😃 If there's a sequel, I'll be in line for it.

That's it ***